La Fuite en Autriche: The Bourbon Court's Flight to Austria

september, 1790 | THE QUEEN's FINAL SALON


It is the September of 1790, about a year after the beginning of the French Revolution. Things are steadily deteriorating, and thing aren't looking good for the monarchy and the aristocracy. The king is losing control of the country, and they are more and more hated by the people. Tension and anxiety are rising. Thus emerged the idea of escaping to Austria, where Marie Antoinette is from and where her brother is emperor. If the royal family can escape in time and get foreign aid, they might be able to regain control of France and stop the revolution from progressing further, but if the attempt fails, all their lives will be in jeopardy. It is up to the committee, a select group of royals and aristocrats, to decide whether or not to escape, where to go if they do decide to leave, and how to carry out the plan.

Vive le roi et vive la France! 

Topics of debate

  1. How will the king and queen escape to Austria?
  2. What will happen to the rest of the Court if the royal family is able to flee?
  3. How could they organize the army of émigrés and should this army attack France?