The Last of the Romans: The Fall of the Empire

1453 | constantinople


The Roman Empire has fallen. For nearly four thousand years Rome has stood as the last bastion of civilization in the world, first from the Eternal City of Rome, then from Constantinople in the east. The long line of Roman Emperors have stood as the protectors of Christendom and of the legacy of Western Civilization. But that time draws to a close. The forces of the Turk have driven Byzantium back to nothing but the city of Constantinople and a small spit of land in Greece. Yet even so, Constantinople is still a formidable fortress, one that can match anything that can be brought against it.

Hope is not yet lost for Rome, however. While most of Christendom has already given up on Byzantium, a few still stand with Constantinople. Genoans and Catalans in the city of Constantinople have rallied to the cities defense, and Venice and the Papacy have offered aid if the Emperor will renounce Orthodoxy and end the schism. Can you defend the Queen of Cities? Can you make an end worthy of the last of the Romans.

Topics of debate

1. How best can the defenders of Constantinople ward off the impending Ottoman invasion?

2. Should the Orthodox Byzantines accept the union between Eastern and Western Churches forced upon them by the Papacy?

3. How can the last Byzantines gather the forces of Christendom to come to their aid?

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