Marvel Joint Crisis Committee - HYDRA

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Upon the collapse of SHIELD (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division) at the hands of HYDRA, a neo-Nazi organization that originated during the World War II period, the agency is desperately scrambling to survive. Ever since the conclusion of the war, HYDRA has been secretly plotting its eventual return to power; through discrete infiltration, clandestine weapon development and even the indoctrination of young children to their cause, HYDRA has optimally positioned itself to overpower SHIELD, and with that coming closer than ever to fulfilling its mission of taking over the world.

However, despite HYDRA’s best efforts thus far, SHIELD as an agency has not completely collapsed. Intelligence tells us that a small team of agents has rallied to reconstruct SHIELD and eradicate HYDRA once and for all. The time has come for HYDRA to regain its rightful place as history’s most extensive, powerful and dangerous organization; do not fail us agents—otherwise it will be the last thing you do. Hail HYDRA. 

Topics of Debate

1.  Eradication of SHIELD

2. Recruiting super powered individuals and expanding the organization by all means necessary to aid in HYDRA’s objectives.

3. Ensure absolute loyalty within HYDRA ranks.

4. Develop advanced and novel weaponry to combat SHIELDs advances.