Marvel Joint Crisis Committee - SHIELD

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Upon the collapse of SHIELD (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division) at the hands of HYDRA, a neo-Nazi organization that originated during the World War II period, the agency is desperately scrambling to survive. With a lack of concrete leadership, a dwindling workforce and the US government’s decision to distance itself from the situation, the future of SHIELD has never been more at stake. Now, as a last resort, the remaining SHIELD leadership has convened in a secret location to attempt a complete overhaul of the entire organization— all while fending off the ever increasing threat from HYDRA and fulfilling its mission to protect the world

Remember agents you are the line between the world and the much weirder world, you protect the world from news they are not ready to hear, and when you cannot do that you keep them safe. Honor SHIELD’s legacy and bear in mind that the fate of the world as we know it rests in your hands.

Topics of Debate

1. Reconstruction of SHIELD: Leadership, recruitment, ensuring loyalty and restarting operations.

2. Reintegrating SHIELD back into the United States government or potentially developing a new partnership with an international organization.

3. Counteroffensive against HYDRA: thwarting their plans, extinguishing the fires that result from their position of power and bringing their numbers and influence down.

4. Dealing with the emergence of super powered individuals and the associated consequences.