Irish Republic Army War Council

1972 | IRELAND


"Tiocfaidh ár lá"  // "Our day will come"  // Irish independence slogan

The year is 1972, and Ireland is caught in a bitter fight between loyalists seeking continued connection to Britain and independence movements determined to unite the country. The aftermath of Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland begins the period known as The Troubles, with independence movements securing more support, more arms, and more opportunity to push the British out than ever before – whether by peace or by violence. Representing the militaristic PIRA, the political Sinn Féin, and the women’s militia Cumann na mBan, the IRA War Council’s delegates will create policy, enact paramilitary campaigns, and fight its way through one of the most contested and continually relevant periods of Irish history.


1.     Fighting the British for control of Northern Ireland, which is becoming increasingly militarized with indictment without trial and imposed rule from Westminster

2.     Protecting the Catholic community, particularly in Derry county, from Protestants and the Ulster Volunteer Force

3.     Securing independence from Britain: negotiate a ceasefire or pursue violence?