Settlers of Jamestown

1610 | jamestown, virginia

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Two ships bearing 150 new colonists and their governor have just arrived in the colony of Jamestown, in what will eventually become the state of Virginia. This new shipment has saved the colony from ruin, after two hard years filled with famine and illness left 100 colonists dead after the winter of 1610. The colonists of Jamestown have made a trade relationship with the Algonquins led by Powhatan, however, it is often tenuous and strained. Since John Smith, the former leader of the colony, left in 1609, the new governor, Lord De La Warr will have to establish control and help the colony prosper and continue to grow despite past hardships. Delegates in this committee will represent the original settlers of Jamestown, the new colonists, as well as the Native Americans. They will have to negotiate in order to survive and prosper through trade, farming, and grazing.


Topics of Debate

1. One of the most important decisions facing the colonists and the Native Americans are the specific borders that the colonists occupy. As the colonists begin to rebuild Jamestown, it is easy to infringe upon Native American borders, and an agreement must be reached on what those particular borders are.

2. While the Algonquins and the original colonists have had a tentative peace agreement in the past, it has also been riddled with random attacks by both parties. Both sides must work together, and with the new colonists, to reach a peace agreement that all sides agree on, with no unexpected raids from either party.

3. The major reason for the cruel winters of 1609 and 1610 that almost killed off the Jamestown settlers was a lack of food. While the settlers are well equipped with arms, they have not yet found a way to farm efficiently and sustain themselves. Instead, they continuously rely on the Algonquins to provide them with food. In order to prevent another disastrous winter, both the Algonquins and the English settlers must develop a plan for survival.

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