The Board of Directors of Monsanto

2017 | St. Louis, Missouri


You are a leader in one of the largest agricultural corporations in the world, based right here in the United States of America. Your work makes modern farming possible, increasing crop yields and empowering farmers by producing pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified seeds. You will do whatever it takes to ensure that your vision for the agrarian world comes to fruition. Welcome to Monsanto.

It is 2017, and the world is becoming ever less friendly to our business model. States, including California and Colorado, as well as entire countries (including Mexico) are attempting to ban genetically modified crops, potentially placing a severe limitation on our sales in the U.S. and abroad. Meanwhile, there are constant stirrings of mergers and acquisitions. In recent months and years, Monsanto has been on both ends of the process, both trying to buy and being a target for purchase by other agricultural titans.

The goal of the members of this committee is to ensure that regardless of what happens in the world around us, Monsanto digs its roots deeper and continues to grow. Expand your business, attack your competitors, but try to stave off any government intervention.

topics of debate

1. Handling the controversy over genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

2.  Responding to hostile legislation and government regulation

3. Potential mergers and acquisitions of other agricultural companies