The Cabinet of Emperor Aurangzeb

1699 | mughal Empire


How will you save the Gurkani from its decline? The magnificent Aurangzeb has enlisted the help of his closest advisors to save the Mughal Empire from erosion and maintain its peak prowess for generations to come. Plagued by secessionist strife and the tedium of quashing petty rebellions, Aurangzeb has decided to take a step back and source smarter approaches to invigorate his reign. However, the power and riches of the Mughal Empire have drawn splinters even within his own camp as personal goals and political ascension blur priorities. Can the Mughal Empire withstand external threats and internal strife?

Topics of Debate

1. Territorial Expansion
2. Foreign Relations
3. Religious Rebellions and Islamic Law
4. Governing the Subahs

*This committee will deviate from history; alterations will be explained in the background guide.

download background guide here