Extraordinary Summit on Maritime Security and Safety 

2016 | GENEVA


This committee brings together leaders from several countries to discuss the world's oceans. Within this topic, delegates can look forward to debating ways of mitigating the damage of rising sea levels and complications of population relocation, as well as discuss maritime law disputes and environmental protection. With no clear individual or country to hold responsible for situations that affect the ocean, and given the murky jurisdictional claims on the open seas, finding solutions to complex maritime issues will require awareness, cooperation, and creativity.

Topics of Debate

1. Rising Sea Level -- The rising sea level provides numerous challenges for nations around the world. Many countries risk losing land near water sources, while others (especially small island-nations) may find themselves entirely underwater. Issues such as population relocation, preventative measures, and damage mitigation will need to be addressed.

2. Maritime Law -- 24 miles away from any coastline, the establishment of jurisdictions and the enforcement of laws becomes increasingly complicated. Generally, ships are subject to the laws of the nations from which they departed, but other regulations may remain in place. Beyond criminal behavior on open seas, issues can also arise with attempts to extract natural resources far from their coast lines.

3. Environmental Protection -- The oceans are home to vast amounts of plant and animal species. Increasing pollution is a threat to many of these species, whose very existence may be endangered by foreign elements in fragile ecosystems. With no clear agent to hold responsible for these consequences, how can the environment be properly protected?

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