Gods of Olympus: Trojan War


Sing, oh muse, of the anger of goddesses

And its devastation, which puts pains thousandfold upon gods and men alike,

Hurled in their multitudes to war on behalf of the Houses of Menelaos and Paris.

Will they give their bodies to be the delicate feasting of dogs and birds, of sharp blades,

And shall the will of the gods immortal be accomplished?

Since that time when first there stood in division of conflict

The flowing haired Achaians and Trojans, breakers of horses, and their patrons…



Years of conflict among the goddesses of Olympus have come to an end, only to be shifted upon the mortals below.  The Trojan War is soon to begin and now the gods must take their sides.  Many of them have children fighting in the war, and still others have their favored heroes.  The gods are petty however, and may use this as an opportunity to raise old rivalries and steal greater power for themselves.

In a council where all members have their unique powers, delegates who believe they can handle the might of a god must be creative in how they apply their domains to outwit the others and win the war and glory for their chosen side.


Topics of Debate

  1.  The Trojan War
    • Aiding the Achaeans and Trojans in gathering their armies
    • Swaying non-aligned Gods onto either side
    • Relationships between Gods and their children fighting in the war
    • Rivalries between the Gods
    • Relationships with individual mortals
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