Putin's Cabinet

2016 | moscow

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The Western powers have made a mockery of Russia. The motherland has been humiliated and disgraced by the Americans and their NATO slaves. That is...until one great man assumed the presidency. This man is Vladimir Putin, the restorer of Russian glory. Under his presidency and influence Russia has regained the Crimea, expanded its influence in Moldova and Georgia, propped up President Assad the savior of Syria, and expanded trade with China. Despite these great victories huge challenges remain. The Ukrainians are continuously trying to conquer the Donetsk Peoples Republic (even though it was theirs in the first place), the Americans are installing nuclear defense systems in Romania and Poland, European sanctions and declining oil prices are pushing the Russian economy into a nosedive, the Syrian conflict rages on, and those Baltic nations look oh so promising. As Vlad's closest advisers the fate of mighty Russia is in your hands.

Topics of debate

1. The Syrian Civil War

2. NATO Expansion Eastward and the Conflict in Ukraine

3. The Decline in the Russian Economy

4. Finding New International Partners