The Royal Geographical Society

1930-1945 | london, england


The Royal Geographical society is an English professional body founded in 1830 to promote the advancement of the geographical sciences. Throughout its history it has funded expeditions and excavations by well known archaeologists, scientists, historians, and explorers to map the various regions of the world and increase England’s knowledge of geography. What the world doesn’t know is that the Royal Geographical Society was, and still is, a secret society whose primary goal is the expansion of British power and influence through the accumulation and use of ancient technologies and artifacts.

This committee begins in 1930 and runs through to 1945, a trying and turbulent time in both British and World History. England was at the height of its Empire but challengers were at the gates. The rise of Nazism in Germany led to the creation of the Ahnenerbe, an institute dedicated to the accumulation of ancient relics to power the Nazi war machine. Strange rumblings have also been heard from Russia. While a cult of personality has grown around Joseph Stalin who managed to consolidate his influence and become the undisputed leader of the Soviet Union, a new entity has slowly gained influence in the dark corners of Russia. The only clue about this entity is a name...Agda. The Royal Geographical Society will be forced to confront numerous obstacles in their path, but if they succeed in their goal the sun will continue to shine on the British Empire.

topics of debate

1. How can the Royal Geographical Society expand British power and counteract the rise of German fascism?

2. Which potential expeditions and excavations will provide the greatest boost to British power?