Mexico and the Sinaloa Federation

2010 | MEXICO

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Mexico and the Sinaloa Cartel will explore all the political, social and economic aspects of running a cartel in the most feuded territory within Latin America. As controllers of the Golden Triangle, delegates will have to understand how their actions directly affect the citizens of Mexico, keep into account relations with the Mexican and United States governments, and pursue opportunities that may help the growth of the Sinaloa Cartel. The economic concerns of money laundering, expansion of trade routes and competition with foreign cartels will push delegates to look at Latin American politics through the lens of an international cartel. In the social sector, delegates will be making decisions in aiding citizens by providing employment opportunities to expand their cocaine and heroine exportation, as well as deal with shootouts with rival gangs such as Los Zetas and the Juarez Cartel. Politically, the committee will have to learn how to expand their political influence through bribery and other political aspects. 

Topics of Debate

1. How can the Sinaloa cartel expand their influence and drug territory? 

2. What problems are currently affecting the gang and how can we address them?

3. What were the impacts and repercussions of El Chapo’s capture on the hierarchy and structure of the cartel? 

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