Launching a New Era - Space Race JCC

1955 | United states


Space: the final frontier. As the end of World War II neared, both the Soviet Union and the US started concerted efforts to retrieve various German scientists. These scientists brought with them the best of ballistic missile technology and knowledge. By 1955, both nations bolstered missiles that could reach into the highest atmospheres of Earth.  On July 29th 1956, James C. Hagerty, press secretary to President Eisenhower, made the announcement that the US would launch “small Earth circling satellites” as part of their contribution to the International Geophysical Year. Just four days later, at the Sixth Congress of International Astronautical Federation in Copenhagen, Soviet Physicist Leonid Sedov announced that the Soviet Union would launch a satellite “in the near future”. Thus the infamous Space Race began. 

President Eisenhower, drawing on his skills as a military strategist, is confident that the various American military branches can fabricate a rocket capable of reaching high into the thermosphere and eventually orbit the Earth. Your job as the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics is to guide the United States to aerospace supremacy over the Soviet Union through whatever means you may have at your disposal. It’s up to you to show the Soviet Union and the rest of the world what American technological supremacy looks like, launching mankind into a new era of mastery over the fundamental forces of the universe.

You all have been gathered by your respective nations, either by cold war politics or genuine intrigue, to go where no human has gone before. You all will decide the course of human’s exploration into outer space. Death and deception, technology and innovation, you all will be at the forefront of a new era for humankind. Will space be used to further our understanding of how life came to be, or yet another arbiter of destruction, bringing both the US and the CCCP closer to nuclear annihilation?