United States Election JCC: John F. Kennedy vs. Richard Nixon

1960 | Usa


The 1960 election could be a defining moment in history, if only you could get Senator John F. Kennedy elected President. As the first Irish Catholic President, he would be broaching unwritten boundaries that been defining US electoral politics for decades. Currently, the country is in a state of turmoil thanks to the Eisenhower administration and Vice-President Richard Nixon, Kennedy’s challenger in the upcoming election. Americans have seen Communism rise around the world, and World War III seems imminent. At home, African-Americans are beginning to rise up and demand equal rights. Led by leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, civil rights has still not been accepted by the government. John F. Kennedy could change all of that. As a member of this campaign, it is your job to disseminate policies addressing these issues, create ads that highlight the best in your candidate and the worst in his challenger, utilize your political allies, and prepare Senator Kennedy for the first televised debate the nation has ever seen.


Topics of Debate

1. Electing your candidate

2. Releasing and announcing policy

3. Debate preparations

4. Forming political alliances