2008 Election: The Obama Campaign


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On February 10, 2007, Senator Barrack Obama of Illinois announced

that he will be running for the presidential nomination. He promised a

presidency focused on civil rights and economic opportunity for middle

and lower class citizens. With a Republican President in the White

House with an approval rating of around 30%, tensions were high

between parties. After the Great Recession peaking in 2008, the country

faces not only domestic concerns but the aftermath of George W Bush’s

decisions to invade Iraq. In 2006, Democrats reached a majority in the

Senate and House, making it seemingly far-fetched for the party to gain

control of all three branches.

We jump to fall of 2007, with the front runners for the Democratic Party

being John Edwards (former Senator from North Carolina), Hillary

Clinton (Senator of New York), and Barrack Obama (Senator of Illinois).

The Obama campaign will try to defeat these party members during the

primaries starting with Iowa on January 3. Until then, it is our job to find

weaknesses in other candidates and develop a platform strong enough to

win the Democratic ticket. After that, the general election.