Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General


The Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General is aimed at providing the most experienced delegates in the circuit with one of the most intense and rewarding crisis scenarios at CMUNCE XVII. Infused with fast-paced crisis elements and an innovative committee dynamic, the Ad-Hoc will challenge delegates to think quickly and creatively like never before. Delegates who are accepted to the Ad-Hoc committee should be prepared for a memorable experience at CMUNCE debating and navigating some of the toughest issues that face our world today.

Committee Description:

In 1973, the Shah of Iran planned a state visit to President Nixon, two regional superpowers meeting on US soil to negotiate arms deals and coordinate alliances against Soviet Russia. The United States is on the verge of Watergate and the historic Oil Pricing Shocks, while Iran was initiating one of its most aggressive modernizing campaigns in history, pushing both land reform and Westernized gender equality. Planning on purchasing a record number of F-14 fighter planes, the Shah of Iran, a renowned pilot, requested to fly an F-14 solo upon arrival in the United States. Historically, the flight was not allowed by US Officials – the Shah was too valuable in US global policy to chance going down.

In this committee, the Shah flies the F-14 and fatally crashes, dying instantly.

Faced with some of the most difficult international controversies to date, this committee explores the premature death of the legendary twenty-six year alliance between the Shah’s Iran and the United States. The US-Iran Emergency Coalition, made up of both country’s diplomatic and security forces, must face an impending Cold War clash as oil prices shut down the lights of Capitol Hill and the Iranian Pahlavi Dynasty begins to crumble.