Queen Elizabeth’s Councilors


The year is 1569. The Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I daughter of Henry VIII, sits valiantly on the throne. Under her purview, however, lies a series of turbulence that threatens the unity of England. The English people are sharply divided over the different denominations of Christianity. Ever since Henry VIII’s decision to break away from the Catholic church, each denomination has attempted to dominate, and even persecute, each other in hopes of taking control of religion within England. Danger looms not just from within but across the vast sea as well. France constantly grinds its teeth against the English continuing their long-established rivalry while King Philip II and the Spanish eagerly look to depose of Elizabeth and take revenge for England’s piracy of Spanish treasures. Amidst these ensuing threats to the national security of the country, England falls far behind its European counterparts in the race of imperialism. With little to no expansion, England must find a way to establish their glory and presence as a dominant world power. The fate of England is in the hands of the council and its members to restore the peace and the prestige that England rightly deserves.