Cabinet of President George H.W. Bush

Washington, D.C. | 1989 photo of George H.W. Bush Cabinet.jpeg

“And so, today a chapter begins, a small and stately story of unity, diversity and generosity – shared, and written, together.” – George H.W. Bush, Speech at Inauguration


       200 years after George Washington was inaugurated as the United States’ first President, another George, President George H.W. Bush, takes the office. Riding a significant electoral and popular mandate from the 1988 election, the former Vice President of the Reagan Presidency assembles a new cabinet to deal with the challenges facing the nation at the end of the 1980s – a warming of relations with the Soviet Union, rampant drug use in the United States, changing foreign relations and an opposition Congress. As the Cabinet to the President, you must lead your respective Departments and advise the President on how to take joint action to tackle the problems that face the nation. How will the United States emerge from 1989? Will it take a firm leadership role amidst a diminishing Soviet global influence? Will it work together with a solid Democratic Congress and popular Republican Presidency? You must debate, you must decide, and you must act!