Meet CMUNCE XVIII's Conference Operations Fellows (COF)!

Trey Sprouse

Trey is a freshman in Columbia College studying East Asian Languages and Cultures and Political Science. Within CIRCA, he is involved with the Social & Marketing Board, competes with the Model UN travel team, and has served on the End of the Qianlong Empire Committee for CMUNNY as a crisis analyst and CESIMS as chair. He is also involved with the Chinese Students Club of Columbia. Trey is excited to work as a Conference Operations Fellow for Marketing and Sponsorships for CMUNCE XVIII and is dedicated to making this CMUNCE the best one yet. 

Katherine Malus.jpg

Katherine Malus

Katherine is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in Slavic Studies and concentrating in Economics. She plans to pursue a career in law and government. This year she is serving as a Conference Operations Fellow for CMUNCE. Outside of CIRCA, Katherine is a facilitator for the Global Ambassador Program, a fellow for the K=1 Project Center for Nuclear Studies, a member of The Birch, an undergraduate publication devoted exclusively to Slavic, East European, and Eurasian cultures, an ambassador for Columbia College Student Ambassadors, and a member of Women in Law and Politics. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, she is used to the cold and excited to welcome all the delegates in January!


Natalia Vasylyk

Natalia Vasylyk is a first-year at Barnard College and a prospective Political Economics and Philosophy major. Born and raised in Chicago, Natalia grew up speaking Ukrainian and is nearly fluent in French too. She hopes to attend law school one day and follow in the footsteps of her inspiration, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This year she has joined CU Democrats, the Athena Pre-Law Society, and CIRCA, where she staffed their philanthropic conference (CESIMS), is on the Marketing/Social Board, and competes on the Travel Team. She is also a Matriculate Advising Fellow, advising her own set of low-income, high-achieving students in the application and transition process to colleges. Natalia is very excited to gain experience as a Conference Operations Fellow under the Chief of Staff for CMUNCE and learn the ins and outs of effectively running a conference. Outside of school, you can find Natalia taking dance classes around the city and exploring NYC’s many cultural neighbourhoods.