The Year of Living Dangerously: Dwikora Cabinet

Indonesia | 1965

dwikora cabinet.jpeg

September 1965

A fiercely independent leader and avowed proponent of non-alignment, President For Life Sukarno sought to dissociate Indonesia from the influence of both Cold War blocs. Extracting military aid and diplomatic favors from both superpowers, his increasingly aggressive foreign policy culminated in the creation of the Non-Aligned Movement, Indonesia’s official withdrawal from an “imperialist-dominated” UN. Pursuing an ideology staked between nationalist, religious, and communist interests, Indonesia’s political landscape has nonetheless become almost entirely tilted towards the Communists. Now, Sukarno’s administration faces threats from all angles. Against a backdrop of hyperinflation, Western meddling, low-level war with Malaysia, and potential military or communist coups, delegates must guide their country through this turbulent time. Will you back Sukarno, the Communists, the Western powers, or the army? Or will you grab power for yourself?