Extraordinary Meeting on the Status of the Lebanese Republic

Beirut, Lebanon | 1943

Lebanese committee.png

In the aftermath of World War I, Lebanon has been placed under a French Mandate by

the League of Nations. This mandate began in 1923, and was claimed to be a provisional

arrangement until it could be ascertained that an independent Lebanon would be

successful, in the estimation of the League of Nations. However, the extent to which

France is welcomed by the Lebanese population varies along geographical and religious

lines. As the global tides regarding colonialism begin to shift, the French Mandate is

placed under international and domestic microscopes as tension builds among Lebanese


It is 1943, and France still occupies Lebanon despite formally declaring that France

would grant Lebanese independence two years ago, in 1941. There have been rumblings

among Lebanese nationalists of unilaterally declaring Lebanon independent and

forming a new government; however, no decisions have been reached, and the French

are not privy to these rumors. The future of Lebanon now lies in your hands, delegates.