Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1637


Mass Bay Colony

Following the initial trial and conviction of Anne Hutchinson, outrage in the colony has forced you, the General Court, to re-examine her case. Growing divide in the colony has permeated the body which once found her guilty. Support for Hutchinson is also augmenting, with her followers threatening to leave if their leader is not treated judiciously. The church and very success of Boston hangs in the balance.

But Hutchinson is not the only cause for concern in Massachusetts. Rumors of the religious nature of the Massachusetts Bay put the trade charter of the colony in jeopardy, as nonconforming sects of Christianity are frowned upon in England, especially by Archbishop Laud, upon whom the charter is contingent. The motivations of immigrants threaten to uproot the unity of the Puritan community, as each newcomer is a possible leak to Britain. Neighboring Native American tribes threaten the trade routes that are so essential to the colony’s economy. Can you save this City Upon a Hill before all is lost?