A House Divided Cannot Stand: Lincoln’s Cabinet, 1861


April 14th, 1861. The Union that has stood for seven decades has been rent in two by a great civil war. The cabinet of Abraham Lincoln, in office for barely a month, now faces the greatest crisis since the revolution: Unite the Union, by force if necessary. While the cabinet is concerned with military movements on a broad scale, day to day military operations are left to battlefield commanders, the cabinet is mainly concerned with bigger, political questions including, but not limited to: how to keep up popular support for the war as casualties quickly mount, how to keep the Union states united and suppress confederate sympathies among Northern populations, whether and on what terms to negotiate peace with the Confederacy, and how to answer the question of slavery. Join us as we navigate through a period of great political upheaval and internal strife, where your decisions will impact nothing less than the future of the United States-or decide whether we survive at all.