Repeal of the Corn Laws



Repeal of the Corn Laws, 1846 is to be set in the House of Lords during the political turmoil of the Whigs and Tories repeal of the agricultural tariffs, the Corn Laws. Against the backdrop of the Irish Potato Famine and rampant poverty across the United Kingdom, the nobility must act fast to save many in their domain from certain peril--but with many members of the Central Agricultural Protection Society (CAPS) in Parliament, and fundamental divides between belief systems to the best economic approaches, the navigation of the political landscape is heated. Furthermore, the disagreements taking shape within the House of Lords reflects the nature of the changing socio-economic structures within England the UK at the time, as mercantilism comes to a close and the rise of capitalism is taking shape. The House of Lords will have to reckon with enlightenment thought-leaders such as Karl Marx, governing strategies for the Crown Colonies, and the growing divides within Her Majesty’s ranks and regions.