Neither God, nor Caesar, nor Tribune: The Paris Commune of 1871


It is March 1871, and a council of Communards has been elected in Paris to organize a government in opposition to that of the Third Republic led by Adolphe Thiers in Versailles. Extreme discontent on the part of the working class residents of Paris has combined with the fall of the Second Empire to provide a near-ideal opportunity for insurrection. Out of this perfect storm has emerged the Commune of Paris, a radical group of leftists supported by populist factions of the armed National Guard. The Communards seek to implement radical programs regarding workers’ rights, the Catholic Church, and economic and fiscal policy, among others. As the Executive Commission of the Commune of Paris, it is your responsibility, dear Communards, to ensure the force and sustainability of your presence while leading Paris and repelling the government of the Third Republic. Vive la Commune!