Summit on Nuclear Weapons Proliferation

Geneva | 1968

CMUNCE SummitNuclearWeapons.jpg

Twenty-five years after the Hydrogen Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima to end World War II, we are in the heat of another war. The United States and the Soviet Union are racing to stock up nuclear weapons, what seems to be enough to obliterate the human race.  Seeing bombs tested that are more than 3,000 times more deadly than the bomb dropped on Japan, the world cannot fathom the catastrophe that these weapons could cause. Some global powers have openly tested and declared their growing stockpiles, while others are right on their tail, nuclear weapons are on the forefront of international policy. 

Should we continue to generate these arms, and what do we do with the nuclear weapons that have already been produced? Can we still generate nuclear bombs for scientific research or is it too dangerous?  A group of international diplomats and world-renowned scientists meet to discuss the implications that these weapons could have both ethically and in policy, and what methods are necessary to save ourselves from obliteration.