The Office: An American Workplace


Based on the US version on the iconic TV show, “The Office.” Recently, the former Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. went bankrupt and was sold to Sabre Corp. After being completely gutted, only the most profitable branch based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania remains, but on thin ice. While employees are used to only selling paper and paper supplies, they are now being forced to quickly adapt to selling printers as their core product, taking the focus away from paper sales. This committee is being called by the Scranton Branch Manager Michael Scott to advise Michael as to what actions the branch should take next. Under new corporate leadership, income within the branch is declining and Jo Bennett, Sabre CEO, informed Michael that the branch must turn a profit, or they will be shut down in the next year. As a result, everyone in the committee must figure out how to bring in revenue by the end of the committee, or they will lose their jobs. Prepare to face a variety of difficulties propagated by clashing personalities in the office, wavering leadership at the corporate level, and unhappy customers, all while being forced to adapt their business model to stay relevant in a dying industry.