The Taiping Rebellion, 1853


All hail the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and the Heavenly King of Peace and brother of Jesus Christ, Hong Xiuquan. The Taipings have assembled in the Heavenly Capital of Nanjing to celebrate their small victory over the Manchurian government and discuss the future of their reformation of the political, social and moral order of China. Previously a small rebellion against the religious persecution of the declining Qing Dynasty, the God Worshipping Society has attracted many followers and launched a civil war against the ruling Manchurians. Will the Taipings be able to expand beyond their Southern dominance and overcome the Qing imperial troops and their Western allies? Will they be able to unite the various ethnic tribes under the banner of Christianity, or are the delusions of the Heavenly King too much for the Chinese people to stomach? The humiliation of the Chinese by the British has come too far — it is time for the Taipings to lead the people into a new age of Chinese dominance and Christian enlightenment. Will the Taipings herald a new beginning for China in the 19th century, or will they fade into the history books as foolish insurgents?