The Crown

It's November of 1956, and President Nasser has just nationalized the Suez Canal, galvanizing Britain and its allies to engage in a costly military intervention discouraged by the United Nations. Already having lost many of its colonies and barely retaining its influence over the Commonwealth of Nations, Britain's position in the international realm is precarious. With the emerging economic crisis at home, the British people are also becoming increasingly frustrated and are demanding answers from her Majesty. Now the crown's sweeping powers of the past seem to be a distant memory. Many question its relevance for the future. With a new yet sick Prime Minister, growing conflict in the Middle East, an economic crisis at home, and drama within the royal family, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, finds herself in a difficult position of which course of action to pursue. As close members of the Queen's family key members of her Majesty's government, you must save Britain from catastrophe and restore the respect, strength, and stability of the crown. If not, the fate of the nation will be left to God.