Meeting of the Kumicho: The Tohoku Disaster, 2011

On March 11, 2011, disaster struck Japan: the largest recorded earthquake in the country's history has devastated twenty prefectures and left countless dead, injured, or stranded. The government is in a state of panic, and the response is not nearly fast enough to care for the hundreds of thousands of people who are at risk.

Enter Japan's largest underground organizations: the yakuza. At membership of nearly 80,000, only you have the resources, workforce, and willingness to help those in need at this critical time. However, the question is not whether you will or will not help, but rather what you stand to gain from this disaster, and who you'll have to cut down to get it.

In this meeting of the kumicho, you will all meet with each other, the top-ranking members of the country's largest criminal organizations. You're all unified under one purpose -- to help the people of Japan. Or are you?