US Presidential Election, 2000 [JCC]


On November 7, 2000, millions of Americans headed to the polls to decide the fate and future of our country after one of the most controversial and contested elections in history. In the aftermath of the scandal-ridding Clinton administration and the advent of the new millennium, three candidates stepped up to attempt to win the election and become the most powerful man in the world. On center stage, son of a former president and Governor of Texas, George Bush, would face Tennessee Senator and environmental activist Al Gore. Meanwhile, the Green Party’s Ralph Nader would put up a formidable challenge as a left-wing, third party candidate.

After the votes were cast and counted, the nation’s attention turned to Florida where a razor-thin margin of just over five hundred votes would determine the winner of the hotly-contested race. Soon after, lawsuits, recounts, and a landmark supreme court decision would decide the next President, but at such a close margin, any minute decision from either camp, no matter how small, could have changed the outcome of the election.